Meet your One-Stop Shop

When you do business with MAKEEN Gas Equipment, you are not just gaining access to the knowledge and products of your local office. You are supported by a global team of gas experts, each with years of experience in the industry. As a result, there is always someone at your disposal who can find the right solutions for you – no matter what challenge you are facing.

In this series, we want to introduce you to the different parts of MAKEEN Gas Equipment’s global team and what they bring to the table. This time, we are taking a trip to the busy São Paulo for a look inside MAKEEN Gas Equipment Brazil.

MAKEEN Energy has been a big presence on the Brazilian market for many years through the division MAKEEN Gas Solutions, pioneering some of the biggest innovations on the gas market. In fact, Brazil is where our very first FLEXSPEED system went into operation and redefined the limits of LPG cylinder filling. We have many customer relationships in Brazil that go back for decades, with the mutual trust and understanding that comes with long, successful partnerships.

It is this history that forms the foundation for MAKEEN Gas Equipment Brazil (MGE Brazil). Although our gas solutions division has deep roots in the country, MGE Brazil is a relatively new entity, having only been established in 2021. Before then, sales of gas equipment to Brazil were handled by our division in Portugal.

A local partner

We established MGE Brazil to strengthen our Gas Equipment presence in the Brazilian market and offer our Brazilian customers an even higher level of service and support. Because, as our team in São Paulo recognises, it is not enough to supply high-quality machines for our customers’ filling halls. They also need a source of all the other things that make a successful gas business run smoothly – the valves, the hoses, the couplings, and so on. And they need partners who can provide them reliably, at short notice, and from the top manufacturers in the industry. That is what MGE Brazil offers.

I think one of MAKEEN Gas Equipment Brazil’s strengths comes from our connection to MAKEEN Energy and the gas solutions division. We have such long-term connections to our customers, and that allows us to better see their needs. So, you could say that MAKEEN Gas Solutions is the older brother helping the little brother out.

Luiz Henrique Araújo Business Development Director, MGE Brazil

As part of the global MAKEEN Energy network, MGE Brazil cooperates with its sister branches in other countries to deliver products on time whenever a customer needs it. If it is not in stock in the Brazilian warehouse, they will have it shipped from Portugal, USA, or one of the many other MAKEEN Gas Equipment locations around the world. This flexibility is greatly appreciated by their customers, as it ensures that they never have to wait too long to receive their orders.

Total solutions backed by experience

Being a relatively new office in the MAKEEN Gas Equipment group, MGE Brazil is not the biggest in terms of staff numbers. But the people working here are gas experts with many years of experience. Most of them have never worked with anything else, and their knowledge about products and solutions allows MGE Brazil to help customers with any problem. Add to that a strong knowledge of the Brazilian market, with its standards and safety regulations, MGE Brazil is well-equipped to provide advice on just about any issues their customers may face.

In terms of products, MGE Brazil sees a lot of demand for multiport valves, gas hoses, and connectors. But whenever a customer needs something bigger, they are ready to deliver:

“It’s important for MGE Brazil that our customers see that we are more than just a distributor. We are not just a street shop selling bits and pieces. We have the engineering capabilities to offer comprehensive solutions with a lot of added value. And we can even bring our own products and solutions to the table with FAS now being part of the MAKEEN Energy group. So we expect to sell more and more of these products in the future,”

Luiz Henrique Araújo Business Development Director, MGE Brazil

Supporting a growing market

Due to its connectivity with the MAKEEN Gas Solutions division, the majority of MGE Brazil’s customers are LPG fillers and distributors, including some of the continent’s biggest energy companies. The LPG market in Brazil grows steadily each year, as the fuel is in high demand for everyday cooking and heating in households and businesses across the country. That also means there is a constant demand among fillers in the market for equipment and spare parts.

Although MGE Brazil is still, by comparison, a small office in our Gas Equipment network, they have the connectivity and the backing of a global powerhouse to ensure that they are ready to meet this demand – and keep customers on track with safe, high-quality equipment and the market’s best customer support.