Gas valves for LPG service

Gas valves come in many shapes and sizes, with different functions and roles in a gas system. Common to them all is that they allow you to control the flow, pressure and direction of liquid and/or vapour.

We do our best to keep up with the ever expanding and innovative market of gas valves for LPG. The selection spans over mechanical, digital and electromechanical gas valves to suit all LPG related purposes and applications. Whether it is pressure control, bypassing, shut-off, excess flow check, pressure relief or multi valves that is needed, this is the place to find them. 

  • Flanged back check valve

    Back check valves (flanged)

    These one-directional valves close off if the flow direction changes or flow stops. They keep the contents of a container from escaping if the piping or fittings accidentally break.

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  • Photos of Threaded Back Check Valves

    Back check valves (threaded)

    One-way valves that prevent the contents of a container from escaping if the piping or fittings unexpectedly break. Back check valves close off if the direction of flow changes, or if flow stops.

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  • A ball valve with yellow handle

    Ball valves

    Operated by a simple 90˚ turn of a lever, ball valves can either fully permit or restrict flow. They are simple and fast acting valves for on/off operations.

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  • A blue bypass valve

    Bypass valves

    Protect your pumps and other components from damage by a build-up of overpressure. Bypass valves minimise wear on other pipe units and ensure easy maintenance.

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  • A yellow differential pressure valve

    Differential pressure valves

    Available in mechanical or digital, differential pressure control valves often work with meters and vapour eliminators and are controlled by pressure differences or electrical signals.

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  • A flanged excess flow valve

    Excess flow valves (flanged)

    Normally open and bi-directional, these valves will shut the flow if the rate of flow exceeds an expected rate, until the pressure is close to equalised.

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  • Photos of Threaded Excess Flow Valves

    Excess flow valves (threaded)

    A threaded excess flow valve is a bi-directional valve that shuts off flow in one direction if it exceeds a predetermined value. Its bleed-off feature assists in pressure equalisation.

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  • A Rego emergency shut off valve

    Emergency shut off valves

    Also known as ESV's, these vital safety units respond to extreme changes in pressure, flow and temperature and will shut off flow both up and downstream of the valve.

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  • A blue external relief valve LPG NH3

    External relief valves

    In places where pressure can build to unsafe levels and cause dangerous situations, these relief valves provide added security for both people and equipment.

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  • A gold globe and angle valve

    Globe and angle valves

    In the service pipelines of places like filling plants, bobtails, transports and bulk storage containers, globe and angle valves can regulate or completely shut off flow.

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  • Internal relief valve

    Internal pressure relief valves

    Available in fully or semi-internal types, internal pressure relief valves (or internal PRV's) provide over-pressure protection for mobile tanks and containers.

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  • Internal valve

    Internal valves

    As a safety measure to prevent spillage in case of damaged piping or tipped-over tanks, internal valves are important elements of LPG storage tanks.

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  • Photo of a Multiport


    On large stationary tanks with flanged connections, multiport manifold valves enable maintenance of relief valves without evacuating the contents of the vessel.

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  • Photo of a Multi Valve

    Multi valves

    Essentially a body containing many valves and functionalities, multi valves are specifically designed to fit in ASME containers with a single opening.

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  • Photo of a Needle Valve

    Needle valves

    By allowing users to accurately control the flow and pressure of vapour and liquids, needle valves protect delicate gauges in pipework from pressure surge damage.

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  • Photo of a Safety Relief Valve

    Safety relief valves (SAL) - vapour

    Type SAL safety relief valves are a last-in-line defense against the unintentional activation of shut-off valves, preventing dangerous overpressure by ensuring fast relief.

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  • Photo of a Service Valve for Liquid

    Service valves (liquid)

    Liquid and vapour withdrawal service on ASME motorfuel containers equipped with capacity sufficient relief valves. The valves can be tailored to the given system they will be installed in.

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  • Photo of a Service Valve for Vapour

    Service valves (vapour)

    Vapour withdrawal service on ASME and DOT containers equipped with capacity sufficient relief valves. The features can vary according to the specific requirements of the given system.

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  • Photo of a Shear-valve

    Shear valves

    Also known as fire and crash valves, shear valves provide a critical, bi-directional shut-off safety function for autogas dispensers in case of impact or dislodgement.

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  • Photo of a Solenoid Valve

    Solenoid valves

    These electromechanical safety devices control the gas supply to appliances and pipework. Typically installed in pumping equipment, metering units, filling systems and tanks.

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  • Photo of a Switchover Valve

    Switchover valves

    These valves allow flawless changeover between gas cylinders for continuous supply and minimal pressure loss. The switch can happen automatically or manually via a lever.

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  • Photo of a Vent Valve

    Vent valves

    Designed to bleed off trapped liquid and help indicate when a tank is filled to its maximum capacity. Often used together with globe and angle valves.

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