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The ins and outs of gas detection

How do you set up a gas detection system? Here are some basic facts about gas and gas detectors, including explosion limits and placement of sensors.

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Renewing your equipment

Good quality gas equipment is built to last. However, to prolong the life of your equipment further, we can now assist you in refurbishing your gas equipment!

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EZ-Link is transforming American LPG businesses

An integrated solution developed by our colleagues in the U.S. has had a profound effect on many small and medium-sized American gas businesses, eliminating the need for manual data inputs and leaving time for much more meaningful tasks.

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The importance of preventive maintenance

Even a Ferrari needs a tune-up now and then – and in that respect, gas equipment is no different from cars. To prevent breakdowns, loss of production, and safety hazards, it is crucial to look after your machines, even if they seem perfectly fine at first glance.

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