MAKEEN Gas Equipment

The one-stop shop for gas equipment

What does a "one-stop shop" entail? Convenience, efficiency, and professionalism, just to mention a few things. 

Don't go blindly shopping for gas products - let us help you.

With MAKEEN Gas Equipment, you only ever need to look in one place for gas components of any type. We have an extensive network of leading gas component and equipment suppliers that allows us to offer high-quality products for any gas related purpose at competitive prices; completely hassle-free with short delivery times.

Our staff are experts at providing engineering and consultancy services that ensure the correct choice of component and configuration - every time. We're with you for the entirety of your project, with expert guidance and available on-site specialists.

Technical advice

What if you buy a gas pump, and it turns out to be excessive in capacity and too expensive for your needs? We will not let that happen. At MAKEEN Gas Equipment, our staff knows what it takes to run a successful and efficient gas business. With many years of practical experience with design, installation, and servicing of gas equipment, we know what works best for each purpose. We have the capability to guide you and evaluate your needs. What this means is that the solution you end up with is the perfect fit for your business.

A network of specialists

We are a division of MAKEEN Energy. This means that, as our customer, you gain access to specialists with expert knowledge of every aspect regarding gas installations. Through MAKEEN Gas Equipment, you have a treasure trove of knowledge at your fingertips, which you can use to gain that vital competitive edge.

Service and reconditioning

The old saying "we know our equipment inside out" could not be more accurate for our entity in the United Kingdom. MAKEEN Gas Equipment UK are experts when it comes to keeping equipment in top condition or restoring worn equipment to its former glory. All items are fully dismantled and inspected prior to reassembly and testing.  This means that you can save money by keeping your existing equipment healthy instead of having to purchase new pieces.

A partner for your entire project

You could just buy a product from us and never hear from us again, if that is what you want. But what we would really like to do is to be along for the ride from start to finish of your project. From choosing the right pieces to providing certification and documentation at delivery, we want to help you every step of the way.

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