MAKEEN Gas Equipment

Who we are

MAKEEN Gas Equipment offer a wide range of components and equipment along with expert guidance from the beginning to the end of your project. In that way, we provide you with much more than just a product.

This is MAKEEN Gas Equipment

Our one-stop shop philosophy makes the world of gas components as convenient and efficient as it should be. Our many warehouses around the world are stocked with products from our global network of leading manufacturing partners. This allows us to offer high-quality gas equipment at competitive prices with short delivery time.

We have decades of practical experience with design, installation and servicing of gas equipment which means that we can expertly assist you with any challenge you face. The result is an ideal and safe solution for your business – every time.

We are 100% dedicated to ensuring the immediate and long-term success of our customers. Our expertise as consultants, service providers and distributors of excellent gas equipment means that you only ever need to look in one place to secure the success of your gas business.

Michael Ohm, Business Unit Director, MAKEEN Gas Equipment

Where we are

MAKEEN Gas Equipment is made up of expert gas businesses across the world, each with their own warehouses and network of agents – So we can deliver your product quickly, anywhere you need it.

KC ProSupply becomes MAKEEN Gas Equipment

As part of the global rebranding strategy of our mother company, MAKEEN Energy, KC ProSupply has a new name: MAKEEN Gas Equipment. The official name change has taken place as per 1 October 2022.

Read about the change here