Gas hoses for transfer of LPG

Liquefied petroleum gas hoses (LPG hoses) are used to transfer propane and butane safely and efficiently from one container to another. You don't want to have to change your gas hose all the time or worry constantly about leaks or ruptures, which is why the hoses we supply are from some of the industry's most recognised manufacturers and live up to the highest safety standards.

  • A singular stainless steel flex hose

    Stainless steel flex hoses

    Flexible, reliable and vibration-absorbent connectors. Their high pressure-bearing capabilities are ideal for static LPG installations or where only slight movement occurs.

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  • A rubber hose with two orange stripes

    Rubber hoses

    Flexible, abrasive resistant hoses with textile braided reinforcement. Used in pumping, bulk loading and un-loading of LPG, and natural gas, in the industrial and domestic sector.

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  • Composite hose

    Composite hoses

    Fail-safe, durable hoses for LPG transfers - used in liquid and vapour transfer systems where it is important to have a combination of flexibility and strength.

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