Couplings for LPG applications

Breakaway, pull-away, dry gas or ACME - amazing devices, all with the same purpose of joining two parts together for safe and simple gas transfers.

  • Picture of pull away coupling

    Pull away couplings

    When experiencing excessive tension pull of the hose, pull away couplings instantly separate, and two internal spring-loaded back-pressure checks close off the ends.

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  • A dry coupling with orange handle

    Dry couplings

    Dry couplings provide a greater degree of control over hazardous vapours and liquids. This ensures risk-free handling for people and protects properties from contamination.

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  • Two break away couplings

    Breakaway couplings

    Pull-away accidents are no joke. Break-away couplings prevent the unwanted emissions and spillage that may come as a consequence of a truck or ship pulling away during operation.

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  • 3 ACME tank couplings

    ACME tank couplings

    ACME tank couplings are male threaded devices that are installed onto tanks to facilitate a secure one directional flow of propane during filling - preventing gas from accidentally escaping.

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  • Two pieces from a CME hose coupling

    ACME hose couplings

    These couplings are frequently used in LPG and NH3 transfers and provide safe connection and fast filling for the likes of bobtail trucks and anhydrous ammonia nurse tank service.

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