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  • Dixon Loading Arms

    Discover the ultimate solution for efficient and safe liquid transport with Dixon loading arms, offering a range of options tailored to every customer's needs. And enhance the loading arms with additional parts like the Dixon API 5500 Series Coupler, featuring a snap and lock design for easy alignment and tight connections, and the Dixon Vapor Recovery Couplers, providing stability when locking into place and ensuring optimal flow.

    Discover the efficiency of Dixon Loading Arms

  • A Closer Look at Pump Fabrication Technician Zak Hammons

    Whether customers are needing pump refabrications or a custom solution, Pump Fabrication Technician Zak Hammons is behind the build.

    Learn more about Zak

  • Real-world Safety Solutions from GEC and Dixon

    A small oversight could have led to an unfortunate situation for one GEC customer. Luckily, they had the Dixon Safety Breakaway to help minimize spillage and damage resulting from pull-away incidents. Another solution provided from Dixon and GEC. What transport loading disasters can we help you prevent?

    Read about how GEC and Dixon prevented a pull-away disaster

  • Corken Reciprocating Compressors

    GEC's Corken product offering includes a wide range of components to outfit your system to transfer your products efficiently and effectively. See how Corken compressors can make a difference in your business, with the help of the dedicated GEC Industrial Sales team, specializing in truck and rail loading and offloading applications.

    Learn more about Corken compressors

  • GEC's Corken Compressors and Comprehensive Rebuild Program

    Find out how the Corken T791 LPG Compressor continues to be an effective solution for railcar loading. And keep your equipment operating smoothly with GEC's rebuild program. It's a cost-effective way to ensure that compressors and other equipment continue to operate like new.

    Find out more about the Corken T791 and GEC Rebuild Program

  • Meet the Industrial Sales Product Specialist

    Providing knowledge and support for both customers and coworkers, Adam Ebbeler, has been instrumental to the GEC Petrochemical and Refined Fuel team's success.

    Read more about Adam's experience and background

  • GEC's Petrochemical Team Offers System-based Solutions

    The Petrochemical and Refined Fuels team focuses on providing a complete solution for customers. One system provided for a GEC customer featured a Blackmer pump, Liquid Controls M-15 meter, and Dixon Loading Arm.

    See details of the system

  • Welcome the Newest Industrial Sales Team Member

    The GEC Petrochemical and Refined Fuels team has added a new Industrial Customer Service Representative, with a unique blend of company experience in warehouse and receiving.

    Learn more about Tony

  • Blackmer G-Series Gear Pumps - Durable, Flexible and Efficient

    Adding to the inventory of products for the Refined Fuels and Petrochemical industries, the Blackmer G-Series Internal Gear Pump is now being stocked at GEC.

    See if the Blackmer G-Series Gear Pump is right for your business