Safety Solutions from GEC and Dixon

Dixon Safety Breakaway

The main feature of the Dixon Safety Breakaway is to minimize spillage and damage resulting from drive-away and pull-away incidents. Its effectiveness was demonstrated firsthand when a fuel marketer had a pull-away during fueling of a gasoline transport loading.

In this situation, the driver inadvertently left the loading arm attached to the transport, which had been loaded with gasoline, and attempted to leave. This small oversight on the driver's end could have been very unfortunate. Luckily, the customer had a 4” Dixon SBC400ALTTMACP Safety Breakaway behind the 4” API load head attached to the loading arm. When the driver pulled away, the Breakaway activated, splitting in half: one portion remained affixed to the Dixon load arm while the other half, along with the 5500G API head, detached and traveled with the truck. This action prevented the piping from being pulled apart, averting significant spillage at both ends of the loading operation.

This incident underscores the main function of the Dixon Safety Breakaway in safeguarding against oversights and potential risks associated with fuel transfer operations. By effectively responding to pull-away incidents, the Dixon Breakaway provides reliability in its function for operators and fuel marketers, enhancing safety protocols. 


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