Welcoming Tony Noland to the Industrial Sales Team

In the busy industry of Petrochemical and Refined Fuels a dedicated and diverse team is essential to ensuring great customer service and efficient operations. Recently, a new member, Tony Noland, has joined the Industrial Sales Team, bringing with him a unique blend of experience and ambition that has quickly made him an indispensable asset.

Tony knows the ins and outs of GEC equipment and products, having first started in the GEC Houston warehouse. Even with the large number of orders through the warehouse, Tony was able to coordinate the storage and shipment of products accurately and in a timely manner. His next career move within the company led to him working receiving. However, Jarrod Griffin, Industrial Sales Manager, quickly noticed Tony’s ambitious attitude, and asked him to become a part of the Petrochemical and Refined Fuels team. Jarrod describes Tony as a valuable member of his team, and he is not the only person who has noticed Tony’s accomplishments.

Kevin Pruitt, VP of Sales, commented on Tony's remarkable career journey at GEC.

“I have watched Tony grow in his career. He is an exceptional young man and has an extremely bright future within GEC. I know he will strive to overserve our customers everyday”. 

One of the standout qualities of Tony's integration into the team has been his rapid grasp of new skills. Adapting to the detailed and fast paced world of inside sales, he has quickly learned the computer system, how to coordinate the fabrication list in the shop, and efficiently input orders. In doing so, Tony has not only streamlined internal processes but has also contributed to improved customer satisfaction.

In a relatively short time, Tony has proven to be a successful customer service representative. His background in warehouse and receiving, coupled with his ability to quickly absorb and apply new knowledge, marks a significant step forward in strengthening the Petrochemical team's capabilities. More importantly Tony’s new inside sales position is key in the Petrochemical and Refined Fuels team’s overall goal, for continued growth through maintaining lasting customer satisfaction.