GEC's Petrochemical and Refined Fuels team sets the standard in delivering comprehensive solutions.

The team specializes in solution-based selling. Unlike traditional sales approaches that focus solely on individual product components, GEC takes pride in being able to provide customers with an entire system of products that meet their specific needs and requirements. Offering system-based solutions can potentially maximize compatibility, minimize downtime, and optimize operations for our customers.

A recent success story involving Cole Smith, GEC's West/South Texas Sales Representative, underscores the team's commitment to being system minded solution providers. His latest system design featured three pivotal components, each chosen with precision to contribute to the overall efficacy of the solution:

  • Blackmer pump with a Blackmer 2" external relief valve that relieves back to the tank. The external valve serves as additional protection for the pump. 
  • Following the pump is a Liquid Controls M-15 meter for refined petroleum products. This meter has a whole gallon mechanical register to ensure accurate transfer of product.
  • Following the meter is a Dixon 3" Loading arm with an API Head. The loading arm allows for safe and easy connection to the truck. The API head allows for safe, dry connections to bottom loading trucks.