Compressor Capabilities and Rebuilds

At Gas Equipment Company, stocking products that are efficient and improve overall customer experience is a top priority. Among the wide range of products offered at GEC are Corken compressors for industrial gas applications. These compressors deliver numerous advantages, depending on a customer’s specific needs. And to keep your compressors and equipment running smoothly, GEC provides a comprehensive rebuild program, a valuable service for customers who want to maintain their equipment in optimal condition. By offering both-high-quality Corken compressors and a rebuild program, customers can continue to count on GEC to provide comprehensive solutions and excellent customer service.

Meet the Corken T791 LPG Compressor

This compressor operates as a double-acting compressor, compressing gas during both the upward and downward strokes. It is a 2-stage compressor for loading and unloading railcars, offering an off-load capacity of around 500 GPM when both liquid lines are connected. One significant advantage of this compressor is its indifference to net positive suction head (NPSH), a factor known to cause complications for pumps. NPSH is a limitation in pump systems, in that low NPSH leads to high maintenance demands. However, with the Corken T791 LPG Compressor, NPSH becomes a non-issue. This makes it exceptionally well-suited for low NPSH applications, as it can handle them effortlessly, simplifying the transfer process.

This specific compressor is able to pull the pressure down in the rail car close to 0 psig, going from 170 psig to 0 psig. The compressor works by extracting vapor pressure from storage, compressing it, and then putting it on the rail car, effectively pushing the liquid out. Through a four-way valve system, the compressor can also recover vapors from the railcar and return them to storage, creating a closed-loop system. This design not only enhances efficiency but also ensures reliability and safety. Instead of only using pumps for LPG transfer, consider using a compressor. By doing so, you can potentially reduce maintenance costs and streamline operations. It's an efficient, reliable, and cost-saving choice for your industrial needs.

GEC Rebuild Program

Rebuilding equipment can extend its lifespan and performance, ultimately saving customers time and money. GEC provides a factory rebuild service to restore your machine to a like new condition.

When you experience issues with your compressor you can send it in to GEC for a detailed quote. Upon your approval of the quote GEC will undertake the restoration process. The compressor is then returned to you, accompanied by an 18-month workmanship warranty. Whether you need a new compressor or complete turnkey package (compressor, trap, 4-way valve, control-panel), individual parts, or a refurbishment, rely on GEC to meet your Corken compressor requirements with expertise and quality support.

Contacts for your Corken needs at GEC: