A Closer Look at Pump Fabrication Tech Zak Hammons

As a Pump Fabrication Technician based in Houston, Zak is the mastermind behind transforming customer specifications into reality, whether it be building a new design idea or refabricating a pump to company standards. Zak continues to stand out with his ingenuity in the warehouse and fabrication shop. 

Six years ago, Zak started at Gas Equipment Company in his current role as Pump Fabrication Tech at the GEC branch in Houston, TX. And while he still helps in the warehouse when he can, most of his work takes place in the fabrication shop. He builds pump and meter units every day, completing about 25 to 30 pumps and meter units a month. His work on pumps includes changing vanes, seals, and repair pumps. Zak also does rotational changes on pumps, and mounts motors on compressor skids. Despite the wide range of tasks, he remains dedicated, tackling orders that span from hours to week.

Zak not only supports the Industrial Sales team out of Houston but receives work from all of the GEC branches. To keep up with the order volume he receives assistance from the Industrial Sales Customer Service Representative, Tony Noland. Tony works with the GEC Salespeople to determine what the customers need, what the timeline is, and creates specific work orders so that Zak can continue to produce top quality products for customers.

Jarrod Griffin, Industrial Sales Manager, commended Zak for his efforts saying, "He is instrumental in building solid solution units and is always open for modifications. He adds value and talent to our products, thus adding to the value that GEC passes to the customer". 

Zak has worked in various roles throughout his career including in the automotive industry, fiberglass industry, and even military. All laying out the foundation for his success, and more importantly, allowing him to learn and build as a part of a team. Working in the GEC team atmosphere, Zak trained under Cryogenics Customer Service Representative, Lennier Rollins, further refining his expertise in parts and fabrication processes.

Zak's meticulous work spans every stage of the build process, from blueprint creation to final shipping, guaranteeing no detail goes unnoticed. His dedication underscores GEC's commitment to providing exceptional solutions tailored to the unique needs of every customer. Whether it's a complex industrial project or a refabricated solution, what can we build for you next?

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