Blackmer G-Series Gear Pumps - Durable, Flexible and Efficient

As a Blackmer stocking distributor, Gas Equipment Company is now stocking the Blackmer G-Series internal gear pump.  GEC has been stocking and selling Blackmer’s positive displacement vane pumps for decades. Blackmer’s vane pump has been and is one of their most reliable line of pumps; however, vane pumps might not be the best option in some applications and that is where the Blackmer G-Series internal gear pump line comes into play. 

The Blackmer G-series could be the right pump for your new application or as a replacement for an existing competitive internal gear pump.  The G-Series is manufactured to handle your viscous, challenging liquids, such as heavy oils, asphalt, molasses and much more. It is available in multiple materials of construction with a wide variety of options and orientations.


The G-series line of pumps have been engineered to be a durable yet flexible pump to cover a wide variety of challenging applications.

  • High-quality alternative to a variety of competitive internal gear pump models.
  • Cast iron, carbon steel or stainless-steel materials of construction for different process fluids.
  • Multiple sealing technologies (packing, mechanical seals, or lip seals).
  • Heavy-duty cast-iron bearing housing for long-lasting bearing life.
  • Easy to adjust end clearance adjustments that allow for flexibility as your application changes.
  • Bolt-on optional relief valve in multiple pressure settings to protect your investment in the pump.
  • Hardened steel idler pin to maintain idler gear integrity.

These features have been manufactured into the pump to maximize operational performance and reliability, while minimizing downtime due to pump failure and maintenance.


The G-series line of pumps will shine in applications with viscous, lubricating fluids. Optional jacketing on the cast iron 55, 69, 82, 133 and 222 size pumps allow for process temperatures to be maintained throughout your system and prevent liquids with high freeze points from hardening within the pump. Common applications include:

  • Lube oils
  • Additives
  • Asphalt
  • Molasses
  • Crude oil
  • Fuel oil
  • Resins
  • And more!
Blackmer G Series Brochure

Recently Gas Equipment Company sold a G1-82 pump (shown) to a customer in South Texas as a replacement for an external spur gear pump that had been at the facility for years. The pump was being used to off-load trucks carrying a variety of oils of up to ISO VG 220. The existing external spur gear pump required frequent, difficult maintenance that often held up trucks from being offloaded which cost the company money. The newly installed Blackmer G1-82 internal gear pump offloaded the trucks faster than the previous pump, allowing the operators to move on to other tasks quicker. The G1-82 pump was paired with a Nord 971 gear reducer and Weg C-face motor for a complete more efficient replacement of the older equipment.

Product Availability

Gas Equipment Company is known for their product knowledge, customer service, and most importantly, their inventory. As a Blackmer stocking distributor, the GEC Houston branch is now stocking the Blackmer G-Series line of internal gear pumps with port sizes ranging from 1.5” to 6”. These pumps are direct, drop-in replacements for some of the most common competitive models currently in use. Not only do these pumps directly drop in, but the replacement/repair parts stocked by GEC are also interchangeable!

Give Gas Equipment Company a call to see how they can get you up and running with a Blackmer G-Series gear pump!