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  • New Temperature Compensation Requirement for Dispenser Meters

    Are you ready for the new temperature compensation requirements? Whether you are looking to upgrade your existing equipment with parts or would like to buy a new dispenser that meets the requirements, GEC has you covered!

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  • David Young: GEC 2023 Salesperson of the Year

    With nearly five decades of industry experience, David's exceptional customer relationships and unparalleled sales performance have set a new standard in the propane industry. Learn more about David's journey and how he continues to redefine success in sales.

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  • GEC Houston, TX Branch

    Employees from all corners of GEC— LPG, Cryogenics and Industrial Gas, Petrochemical and Refined Fuels, and Integrated Systems, come together at the Houston, TX branch! The branch also happens to serve as a repair facility for Blackmer and Corken pumps and compressors, Neptune meters, and Liquid Controls flow meters. Learn more about the branch team.

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  • GEC Offers Customizable Dispenser Systems

    GEC's commitment extends beyond product delivery, providing continuous support designing dispensing systems to installation and ongoing service after the sale. The product selection offered at GEC combines cutting-edge Parafour Innovations technology with personalized service. Learn more about the products and advanced features that are leading the way in the growing LPG refueling market.

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  • GEC Dallas, TX Fabrication Shop

    Take a look behind the scenes of the GEC Dallas fabrication shop and meet the team who contribute to the success of the dispensing systems program every day. And learn about the contributive impact MAKEEN Energy Gas Solutions has had on the production of dispensing units at GEC.

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  • Gene Morrison: Cultivating Growth at GEC

    The dispensing systems program at GEC has continued to grow over the years, and a large part of the success was due to Gene Morrison's vision for the program. Find out how Gene got started at GEC and what led him to become the Dispensing Systems Product Manager.

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  • Does Your LPG Application Need a Vaporizer?

    Learn how adding a vaporizer to a LP gas system can benefit your bottom line. Let the dedicated GEC sales team to assist in selecting the right equipment for your application. GEC offers industry-leading vaporizer brands, including Ransome Manufacturing and Algas-SDI. And with numerous vaporizer options and types,

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  • Vaporizer Solutions in the Field

    Our Outside Sales Representatives are always available to help customers. They provide on-site support for vaporizer installation, operations, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

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  • Don Estridge: Celebrating 45 years with GEC

    In June of this year Don Estridge, Little Rock, AR Customer Service Manager, celebrated his 45 year anniversary with GEC! Don is well known throughout the company for handling a high sales call volume and leading a dedicated team.

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