Dispensing Systems

From Inception to Conception: GEC Offers Customizable Dispensing Systems

At the forefront of innovation at GEC is the Dispensing Systems operation. Now offering customers fully customizable solutions, setting new standards for efficiency, versatility, and technological advancement in the LP market. The wide range of dispensing options at GEC include both mechanical and electronic dispensers, available in stand-alone units with comprehensive accessory kits, or fully integrated skid packages. And to figure out which dispensing system works best for your business our dispensing systems team is ready to provide their expertise to get you the right equipment. But their commitment doesn’t end with product selection. The team stays with you throughout the entire process, from initial design stages and beyond installation, ensuring a supportive partnership from inception to conception. Discover how GEC, along with Parafour Innovations, is revolutionizing the industry one dispenser unit at a time.

Parafour P4-Series Dispensers

Parafour's P4-Series dispensers mark a new era in advanced LPG refueling systems, offering a range of cutting-edge features at an unbeatable price. Whether you're looking for electronic upgrades for existing mechanical dispensers, dual-purpose cylinder and Autogas refueling options, or full retail "Pay at the Pump" unattended dispensers with fuel management systems, the P4-Series stands out as the most feature-rich and capable dispenser on the market. Built to the highest standards and designed to comply with all relevant codes and regulations (NFPA 58, NEC, UL-495 & NCWM Handbook 44), Parafour sets itself apart as the sole provider of the most capable and compliant dispensers available today.

The dispenser features include automatic temperature compensation, advanced electronic “touch” calibration, enhanced accuracy, 5-level preset pricing, leak/theft detection, integrated fuel management system interface, and more.

P4-Series Dispensers can be used with ParaFUEL or ParaFLeet management systems to enhance the customer experience.

  • ParaFUEL is a comprehensive fuel management system, which can be used as either a private fleet fuel management system, or as a general retail fuel sales management and control system.
  • ParaFLEET is a low cost basic fleet management for small fleets where basic information is required, or where it is impractical to run fixed communication line.

Read more about the Parafour P4-Series Dispensers, and the ParaFUEL and ParaFLEET management systems here

Parafour P4-ParaSCALE Automated Cylinder Filling Safety System

ParaSCALE is an advanced system ensuring safe cylinder filling and preventing overfilling. It's available as a stand-alone unit for any electronic load-cell scale base, as a package with the scale base, or fully integrated into the P4-050 Electronic scale, providing UL495 Listed, NTEP certified reliability. Easily installed in dispensing cabinets or on pedestals, the basic system includes a controller, power supply, scale base, and 12’ harness. Integrated with the P4-050-2 Electronic register, ParaSCALE supports features like automatic temperature compensation, receipt printer, flow control, POS, fuel management connectivity, and more—making it a versatile choice for LPG dispenser technology.

Read more about the Parafour P4-ParaSCALE Automated Cylinder Filling Safety System here.

Parafour ParaSCALE Lite

Parafour introduces the ParaSCALE Lite-SL, a revolutionary safety solution for cylinder filling, whether at a single scale station or multiple manual filling points. This Explosion-proof Class 1, Division 1 system ensures safety with no exposed wire or bulky arrangmeents of boxes, switches relays and conduit. It is easy to install and adjust, compatible with standard Fairbanks filling scales, and operates seamlessly within 30 minutes without affecting scale performance. The clean and simple design, coupled with the patent-pending ParaSCALE microcontroller, offers solid-state control for years of trouble-free service. It is available in three different models to suit different scale operations.

Read more about the ParaSCALE Lite and the different models here

P4-ParaSCALE Lite

P4-ParaSCALE Lite-S

P4-ParaSCALE Lite-SL

P4-ECO-Air Series Pneumatic Compressor Systems

The P4-ECO-Air Series, a Self-Contained Compressor System, offers Autogas station operators and distribution systems a reliable way to operate pneumatic controls with minimal maintenance and no ongoing consumable costs. Available in computer-controlled, 100% maintenance-free, or basic mechanical, low-maintenance units, the Eco-Air ensures high uptime and reliability in various operating conditions. Featuring an oil-free, 100% duty cycle Mil-Spec compressor, it minimizes wear and general maintenance. The series includes two models to service a range of devices, with options for customized applications.

Read more about the features and specifications of the P4-ECO-Air Series Pneumatic Compress Systems here


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