Houston, TX Branch

In 1955, the GEC Houston, TX branch was established. The strategic decision was made to set the branch up in Houston, due to its ability to cater to a diverse range of sectors within the industry. With a focus on serving the propane industry, alongside the Petrochemical market, GEC set out to provide comprehensive solutions to customers. 

The branch currently carries inventory for industrial pumps, compressors, and meters; cryogenic and CO2 equipment, and much more. The branch also serves as a recognized repair facility for Blackmer and Corken pumps and compressors; Neptune meters; and Liquid Controls flow meters where the equipment is repaired or refurbished to factory standards then tested to ensure it meets specifications. 

GEC Houston Staff

The Houston Sales Office consists of some of the most knowledgeable people in the industry. They have staff for every market segment within GEC including LPG, Cryogenics and Industrial Gas, Petrochemical and Refined Fuels, and Integrated Systems.

Office & LPG:

Starting inside the office, the LPG customer service team is led by Chester Windsor, Customer Service Manager. Chester has been a part of GEC for the last 18 years; he is joined in the office by Javier Limon and Jeff Powers. The inside sales team is known for their outstanding customer service, and it is no surprise that each person has won GEC Outstanding Service awards. Priscilla Chandler and Deanna Sikes, who have been a part of the team for countless years, also work in the Houston office handling purchasing, and providing support in operations for the Houston branch and warehouse.

Out in the warehouse, some of the newest GEC employees have quickly become a valuable part of the Houston branch. James Fisher Jr., Oscar Santos, and Aidan Almendarez, work tirelessly to provide accurate and precise orders for GEC customers. Along with them, Zak Hammons also provides warehouse support. However, his main duties include refurbishing and repairing pumps and compressors back to factory standards.

Mike Armstrong, serving as Houston's LP-Gas outside salesperson since 2006, ensures that GEC's presence is felt throughout southern Texas. Customers in the region have come to know him for his over the top customer service and dedication.

Integrated Systems:

Trent Randall, a member of the Integrated Systems team, has served as a customer service representative for the past 6 years. He works out of the Houston office, working remotely with customers all over the country.

Cryogenics & Industrial Gas:

The Houston branch is also home to most of the Cryogenics and Industrial Gas team. Industrial Gas Product Manager, Andrew Young, has been with GEC for almost 13 years. He is helped by Eric Mota, Lennier Rollins, and newly hired, John Prenatt. Jerrod Ousley works as the Cryogenics Sales Coordinator for the team, meeting customers in person to better understand their needs. The only Cryogenics & Industrial Gas team member outside of the Houston branch, is Senior Sales Manager, Roy Nichols, who successfully guides his team from the nearby GEC Dallas office.

Petrochemical and Refined Fuels:

Jim Cheaney previously served as the Director of Sales and Marketing at the Houston branch and led the Petrochemical and Refined Fuels team closely. He has an impressive 47 years at GEC and has seen the company grow. Jim now serves as an advisor to GEC through the Houston branch, that his dad, Bob Cheaney, originally helped develop back in 1955.

The current Petrochemical and Industrial Gas division consists of Jarrod Griffin, Sr. Industrial Sales Manager, who has been with GEC for over 28 years, starting with the company right after graduating college. He is joined by outside sales representatives, Jack Walsh, Cole Smith, and Caleb Snyder. Providing support for the team is Adam Ebbeler, Industrial Product Specialist, who has been with GEC for 15 years. Antonio Noland joins him in the office after his transition from warehouse to inside sales at GEC just last year.

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