2022 Branch of the Year

One Global Team, Two Great Branches

Operational goals, branch meetings, sales, answered calls- all of these factors are looked upon when GEC management selects an annual Branch of the Year. And while these factors are important, teamwork is what ultimately sets the stage for success. In 2022 both the Richmond, VA and Indianapolis, IN offices displayed amazing team effort in all aspects of their branch, leading to a tie for the first time ever for GEC Branch of the Year. Take a closer look at what made these branches winners.

Indianapolis, IN Branch

GEC’s “Indy” branch opened in 1991 and serves customers in Kentucky, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Illinois. With their years of knowledge in the LPG industry, the Indy branch has established dependable support and service. Rich Sirola, Customer Service, has been a part of GEC for an impressive 29 years, with a background in the distribution of gas products. Steve Garrett has been promoted through several roles during his 24 years at GEC, from Warehouse Associate to Customer Service to his current position as Outside Sales Representative. Bob Chandler has served as Customer Service Manager at GEC for 6 years and has numerous years of experience with propane retailers. The strong customer relationships the branch has been able to foster clearly stems from the years of experience these employees bring.

Eastern Regional Manager, Gary Dyson, who oversees branches including Indianapolis, commented on the strong  customer relationships, “The customers know they can depend on both inside and outside sales to accurately enter their orders, submit bids in a timely manner, and answer questions regarding products ASAP”.

The success of the Indianapolis branch also relies heavily on its efficiency in warehouse operations. While Inside and Outside Sales staff bring in a high sales volume, Art Fields and Adam Bowen, Indy Warehouse Associates, not only keep up with the numerous orders, but do so in a consistent and accurate manner ensuring customer satisfaction.

Through this team effort at all aspects of the branch’s operations it is no wonder the Indianapolis team has won their 5th Branch of the Year award.

Richmond, VA Branch

Operating since 1982, the Richmond office has also been recognized for its reliable performance within GEC. Although they serve an extensive list of states, including Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia, and Virginia, the office has always been comprised of an experienced and dedicated team ready to handle a steady stream of orders. Gary Dyson started with Gas Equipment 25 years ago and moved from Customer Service Manager to his current position as Eastern Regional Manager. Bonnie Bourne began as Inside Sales and was promoted to Customer Service Manager, having dedicated a remarkable 32 years to GEC. Charlie White, Customer Service, has been with the company for 25 years, beginning as a Warehouse Associate and moving to Inside Sales. Outside Sales Representatives, Steve Barton and Jim Mason, have been with GEC for 17 and 10 years, respectively.

When describing the effect of internal promotions within the company Gary Dyson, Eastern Regional Manager, remarked “Their previous experience provides them with a perspective and understanding of all facets of GEC outside their current responsibilities and they are able to use this to help other GEC associates”.

The success of Richmond is not just limited to branch-level accomplishments. Both Steve Barton and Jim Mason have been recognized as Sales Person of the Year, with Jim winning most recently in 2022. Also recognized in 2022, were Bonnie Bourne and Albert “Pooney” Dunn Jr. They both won individual awards for their outstanding service. Similar to the Indy branch, the Richmond warehouse, consisting of Warehouse Associate, Pooney Dunn, has been committed to timeliness and reliable service, shipping and receiving orders with few discrepancies and little inventory loss.

With knowledgeable and devoted employees and a strong sense of teamwork, Richmond has established itself as a high performing branch committed to excellence.

The strong sense of teamwork throughout the branches has truly cemented their success and will ensure that they continue to succeed within GEC in the years to come.