Branch Spotlight

Dallas Fabrication Shop

Gas Equipment Company Fabrication Shop, Dallas, TX

Step into the heart of the Dallas fabrication shop, where a team of dedicated individuals- Gene Morrison, Matt LoParo, Hervie Long Jr., and DeWayne Mills- collaborate to drive the success of GEC’s dispensing systems.

Leading the team is Gene Morrison, the Dispensing Systems Product Manager. He originally began at GEC as a warehouse clerk before moving to an inside sales position and shifting his focus to the GEC fabrication shop. Together with Matt they have worked to generate sales, ideas, and above all provide great customer service for dispensing product customers. Matt serves as the Special Products Customer Service Representative, but as Gene describes him, he is “the back bone of the operation”. Matt is the boots on the ground, and Gene knows that Matt will always be able to fill any role to make the segment succeed.

To round out the operations and success of the fabrication shop are the fabrication technicians Hervie Long Jr. and DeWayne Mills. Hervie carries forward a GEC family legacy, as his father, Hervie Long Sr., served in the same fabrication technician role at GEC for 40 years. Before retiring Hervie’s father was able to impart his knowledge to his son, training him in the same position, and creating a unique lineage within the GEC family. Hervie has now dedicated 20 years to GEC and successfully helped to develop the operations of the fabrication shop and dispensing systems products. DeWayne, the newest addition to the team, has also made an impact in a short amount of time. His mechanical background has allowed him to seamlessly integrate into his new role. And everyone on the team has been able to recognize how energetic and eager he is to further develop his skills, rounding out a successful fabrication team at GEC.  

(L to R) Hervie Long Jr., DeWayne Mills

(L to R) Matt LaParo, Hervie Long Jr., Gene Morrison, Andrew McDade

(L to R) Hervie Long Jr., Hervie Long Sr., Karen Webber (GEC Sr. Purchasing Coordinator)

MAKEEN Energy Gas Solutions, Springfield, MO

The dispensing systems triumph can be attributed to a strategic move - outsourcing fabrication to GEC's sister company, MAKEEN Energy Gas Solutions, located in Springfield, MO. The Springfield fabrication shop, essentially a transplanted version of its Dallas counterpart, replicates the GEC operation, down to the last detail, including warehouse placement and inventory. The team consists of two fabrication technicians whose directives come straight from the Dallas, TX office.

The Springfield fabrication shop underwent a training with Gene and Matt in January 2022, successfully rolling out their first dispensing cabinets. Throughout 2022, dispensing cabinets consisted of about 75% of the Springfield workload, but in 2023 they underwent a significant transition, shifting focus to full skid production. Surpassing initial projections, they exceeded expectations by building more skid units than anticipated. Looking ahead to 2024, the plan is to reintroduce more dispensing units. The Springfield location will continue focusing on fabricating standard models and mass production of full skid units. While the Dallas fabrication shop will specialize in catering to local customers and delving further into research and development. As GEC continues to refine its fabrication strategy, the collaboration between the Dallas and Springfield locations proves instrumental in achieving manufacturing success.

Shaping the Future

The dedicated team, led by Gene Morrison, is moving towards new horizons, shaping the future of dispensing systems in the industry. The merging of skillsets, the strategic outsourcing to MAKEEN Energy Gas Solutions, and the devotion to customer satisfaction continue pushing GEC's dispenser segment into new heights. With promising new products, including the LPG Trailer, Gen Set (pictured), and EV Charging Station, the strong collaborative effort between the Dallas and Springfield locations will be pivotal in GEC's continued pursuit of excellence in dispensing technology.