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Gene Morrison

Gene Morrison: Cultivating Growth in Dispensing Systems at GEC

Growth serves as the foundation of Gas Equipment Company’s entire operation. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the remarkable journey of Gene Morrison, the GEC Dispensing Systems Product Manager, and the dispensing systems segment he now oversees.

Gene's first position at GEC was in the Dallas warehouse over nine years ago. From there he transferred to inside sales. While in his inside sales position, Gene began to take an interest in the fabrication shop, as it drew on his background in construction and mechanical work. Overseeing the quality and scheduling of the fabrication shop eventually led to Gene envisioning it as a growing segment within GEC.

In 2017 he finally got the chance to showcase his skills and the potential of dispensing systems at GEC. Skeeter LaDue, then GEC CEO, came to him with a napkin drawing and asked if Gene could help build a comprehensive skid solution. From there the dispenser skid became Gene’s main work focus. And at the 2017 GEC Sales Meeting his first project was presented. As GEC Salespeople began walking into the Dallas warehouse they saw GEC’s newest product- a full skid solution. With the help of family, his wife Danielle and newest baby Grayson who sat in a stroller right next to the skid, Gene showcased a venture that would soon evolve into a thriving segment at GEC. Prior to this product, customers had to provide their own tanks, but now, GEC was able to offer a complete package that only required an electrical connection.

Recognizing Gene's outstanding contributions and pioneering spirit, GEC promoted him to his current position of GEC Dispensing Systems Manager in 2019. When he reflects on the introduction of the dispensing systems segment, Gene says “I saw an opportunity in the fabrication shop to be more than just a byproduct for GEC. It could become more of a business segment. We sold a lot of dispensers, but no one oversaw it, and no one saw from beginning to end what the customer needed. No one saw what we could grow into with the next step”.

GEC, with Gene’s help, took that next step. GEC now offers a wide range of dispensing options for the LP- market that are specifically tailored to meet customer’s needs. Even offering fully integrated skid packages, like the one Gene had originally presented back in 2017. The dispensing systems service strategy employs designing the product around specific solutions supported with a personalized approach. And with the alignment of Gene’s original vision and GEC’s own philosophy, the company is proud to offer expertise to support customers through the whole process from the beginning design stages and beyond the installation; working from inception conception.

Gene’s unwavering commitment, ingenuity, and forward-thinking approach have propelled what was once a marginal offering into a flourishing and pivotal business segment within GEC. It comes as no surprise that Gene was named a BPN 2023 Industry Innovators Finalist. Gene has set a standard of service and quality within GEC that has become admired throughout the industry.

Doug Stokes of Stokes & Stokes Distributors commented, “It’s rare to find a company and an individual willing to invest their time and money into a product line for its success, but GEC has both that commit themselves to the quality, reliability, and performance of their Autogas dispensers. I’m very pleased with the performance and support we receive from Gene Morrison and GEC!”.