Accurate metering of LPG consumption

Keeping track of in and outflow of LPG in tanks and vehicles is enabled by the variety of meters on the market today. Whether it is for vapour or liquid operations, MAKEEN Gas Equipment has the meters to suit your application and accurately determine the volume of transfers.

  • Image of yellow vapour eliminator

    Vapour eliminators

    By extracting accumulated air and vapour, these complimentary devices make flow meters more accurate - eliminating false readings and enhancing reliability.

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  • A turbine meter

    Turbine meters

    In industrial applications where continued flow is important, turbine meters are common measuring devises that can accurately determine consumption by sensing the flow velocity.

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  • Image of smart meter

    Smart meters

    These devices offer intelligent gas metering with accurate tracking of supply and the ability to communicate with suppliers, with greater transparency and knowledge of consumption.

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  • PD meter

    Positive displacement meters

    For accurate metering of direct liquid flow in LPG custody transfers, you will be hard pressed to find a better devices than positive displacement meters, also known as PD's.

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  • A diaphragm meter

    Diaphragm meters

    These gas meters count the number of cycles an internal piston completes when gas passes through it, thereby accurately measuring the volume of gas consumed.

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  • A coriolis meter

    Coriolis meters

    As they are unaffected by changes in viscosity, pressure and density, coriolis flow meters provide highly accurate measurements of the flow of mass of liquid LPG.

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