Diaphragm gas meters for measuring LPG and NH3 consumption

Diaphragm gas meters are reliable appliances for accurately measuring the consumption of LPG/NG in primarily residential installations but also commercial and light industrial pipework. The allowed pressure endurance limits the usability in the industrial sector, as a much higher-pressure capacity is required than what the diaphragm gas meter can handle.

Product description

Also known as a positive displacement meter, the diaphragm gas meter can accurately measure the amount of gas consumed by counting the number of cycles the internal piston has travelled due to the volume of gas passed through the chambers. 

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All parts are LPG and NH3 compatible.

More information can be provided upon request.

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Gas types: LPG(Propane/Butane), CO2, Biogas, NG (Natural Gas) and other neutral gasses
Connections: Thread, flange
Pressure range: Max. 50 mbar (7.25 psi)
Capacity: 0.16 to 160 m3/h
Temperature range: -10˚C to +40˚C (-14˚F to +104˚F)
Series: BK and GOK
Standards: CE-MID, EU, EN 1359

*Materials and specifications are subject to generalisation. Our experienced people are ready to help you find the correct fit for your application. 

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  • Provided with a mechanical and digital reader
  • Cyclic volume 1.2 liters
  • Fireproof (HTB) up to 0.1 bar (EN 1359)
  • High accuracy and long-term stability
  • Powder coated pale grey to RAL 7035
  • Standard pulse magnet; retrofitable LF pulser (I=0.01 m3/pulse)
  • Not susceptible to contamination (RPF = 0.9)
  • Temperature compensation available
  • Alternative temperature range on request 
  • Intelligent index technology, checking system, absolute-ENCODER and radio applications (1 and 2 pipe connection versions)  

Did you know?

The basic design of diaphragm meters have not changed since 1843 and is commonly used in domestic gas systems due to its reliability down to as low as pilot light flow rates

MAKEEN Gas Equipment can upon request provide meters for high pressures up to 1.5 bar (21.75 psi)

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