Cryogenic valves

Flow control, throttling, shut-on or off, back flow prevention, safety and efficiency are some of the benefits these valves can contribute with. Only supplying high quality products, MAKEEN Gas Equipment guarantees the valves meet all your application requirements.

  • Rego angle relief valve

    Angle relief valves

    Vessel protection combined with redirection of flow. Releases excess pressure, thereby protecting machinery and personnel from incidents caused by over-pressurised vessels or pipework.

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  • Cryogenic gas valves with green and grey handwheels

    Cryogenic valves

    Multi-purpose valves are perfect for all applications as they are available in many functionalities. In-line shut-off, vent, hose drain or liquid fill are some of those functionalities.

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  • Rego diverter valve

    Diverter valves

    Enables change of relief valve without evacuating the contents of a cryogenic vessel. They also provide overpressure protection of storage vessels for increased safety.

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  • Fill manifold with 5 blue handles

    Fill manifolds

    A cost-efficient and system optimising combination of liquid supply and return to minimise welding requirements, maintenance, replacement costs and time spent on installation.

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  • Bronze gate valve

    Gate valves (bronze)

    Bi-directional valves with simple, fast-acting, open and close functionality. Often used in the handling of cryogenic liquids through bulk tanks, trailers, trucks and more.

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  • Stainless steel gate valve, slim

    Gate valves (stainless steel)

    Simple open/close is achieved by their fast-acting functionality whilst allowing a dual-flow. frequently used for bulk tanks, trucks, trailers, ASU plants and piping configurations.

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  • An image of globe valve bronze

    Globe valves (bronze)

    Single-directional valves suitable for isolation or throttling of a product. Globe valves can be acquired in a 'T','Y' and angle shape, to match most spatial limitations of installations.

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  • Stainless steel globe valve with long stem

    Globe valves (stainless steel)

    Single-directional flow valve with high durability. The stainless steel casting provides enhanced durability and allows safe handling of corrosive and hazardous products.

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  • Image of high pressure valve

    High pressure valves

    Highly durable valves for cryogenic applications, designed specifically to endure pressures larger than 500 psi. These valves are ignition resistant during operation with highly pressurised oxygen.

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  • Image of internal valve flanged

    Internal valves (flanged)

    Enhances tank safety by reducing the risk of spillage in case of broken pipe connections or accidents in delivery trucks and stationary storage tanks with flanged connections.

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  • Picture of small relief valve

    Small relief valves

    Vapour line over-pressure safety in cryogenic applications. Provides a last-in-line safety defense as a measure to protect equipment and operators from overpressure

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  • A needle valve

    Needle valves

    Indispensable devices for accurate flow and pressure control. Often used in low flow-rate processes that require precise throttling of pressure.

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  • Image of noise reducing relief valve

    Noise reducing relief valves

    Up to 50% reduced noise from mechanical vibrations and liquid dynamics. Specifically designed for use in places such as laboratories or sensitive environments like hospitals.

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  • Rego spring check valves

    Spring check valves

    Small-framed, high-pressure tolerance check valves. Suitable for horizontal in-line installation, after a pump, to prevent damage from reversed transmission of pressure and flow.

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  • Rego plunger check valve

    Plunger check valves

    Prevents reversed operation for compressors etc. during power loss. They are designed to prevent backflow of fluids and are commonly used on cryogenic bulk stations and pipelines.

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  • Swing check valve for cryogenic gas

    Swing check valves (brass)

    These valves get their unique name from using a swinging disc to restrict flow to only one direction, activated by fluid flow in the pipeline. Highly suited for medium velocity/high flow uses.

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  • SS swing check valve for cryogenic gas

    Swing check valves (stainless steel)

    Swing check valves in stainless steel are tolerant and flexible to fit most applications as well as restricting flow to be one-directional. They are ideal for use in liquid service.

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