Noise reducing relief valves for improved work environment

Noise reducing relief valves have been specifically designed for liquid cylinders and other indoor cryogenic applications, in places such as laboratories or sensitive environments like hospitals. Minimising the noise level is desirable as exposure to loud noises has a negative impact on hearing in the long run.

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Product description

Mechanical vibrations and liquid dynamics can cause high pitched discharge sounds from relief valves. These relief valves reduce the noise by up to 50%, thereby greatly improving the working environment.

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Body: Brass
Spring: Stainless steel
Seat retainer: Brass

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Gas types: Vaporized atmospheric gases, Oxygen, Nitrogen, CO2, Argon 
Connections: Thread
Type: NPT
Pressure range: 15.86 to 34 bar (230 to 500 psi) 
Temperature range: -196˚C to +74˚C (-320˚F to +165˚F)
Sizes and range: 1/4"
Series: 9400 Series
Standards: PED, ASME, CRN

*Materials and specifications are subject to generalisation. Our experienced people are ready to help you find the correct fit for your application. 

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  • Bubble-tight up to 95% of set pressure
  • Tamper-proof
  • Repeatable and reliable performance

Did you know?

For gas service only

Pipeaway included and attached

No drain hole in relief valve

For example, NRF9432T140P leave blank for relief valve without pipe-away attached

Pipeaway adapter part number NRF250-4

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