Cryogenic pressure regulation

Whether your application needs a regulator, pressure builder or economiser, you are sure to find a suitable device in our large selection conformed to cryogenic service.

  • Automatic changeover valve for cryogenic gas

    Automatic changeovers

    Uninterrupted cylinder supply of cryogenics. The changeover switches automatically between cylinders to prevent interruptions in the supply once a cylinder has been emptied.

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  • Rego low pressure line regulator, brown

    Low pressure line regulators

    Suitable for CO2 and other cryogenics. Regulators of this type are used as first stage regulators in a two stage system. Their temperature tolerance limits them to use with vapours only.

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  • Rego liquid cylinder regulator

    Liquid cylinder regulators

    Pressure control of cylinder gas use line. Designed to withdraw gas from cryogenic cylinders with Oxygen, Nitrogen or Argon while maintaining reduced pressure.

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  • Final line pressure regulator model 1784

    Final line regulators (1784 series)

    High capacity regulator with sensitive delivery pressure control. They are compatible with a variety of cryogenic gas operations in medical or industrial applications.

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  • Rego final line pressure regulator for cryogenic gas

    Final line regulators (1682 series)

    Pressure reducing, second stage regulation of cryogenic gases. Reduces the pressure at the gas end-line to the allowed pressure limitations for devices that are sensitive to higher pressures.

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  • Pressure Builder RG Series

    Pressure builders (RG series)

    Builds pressure to meet rising demands exceeding the naturally produced volume. The RG series is well-suited for microbulk tanks smaller than 2,000 L, pipelines and liquid cylinders.

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  • Rego PB series pressure builder, brass

    Pressure builders (PB series)

    Builds pressure if the demand is above the naturally produced volume. The PB series is great for microbulk tanks larger than 1,600 L, bulk tanks larger than 2,000 L to 60,000 L and manifolds.

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  • Combination pressure builder and economiser for use with cryogenic gas

    Combination pressure builder/economisers

    Combine the functionalities of a pressure builder and economiser increases the performance efficiency, ensuring effective operation.

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  • Rego economiser for cryogenic gas


    Economisers are great where cost and spatial restraints are important factors. Their functionality is different from a regulator where the outlet pressure is specifically adjusted.

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