Cryogenic economisers for improved efficiency

Economizers are pressure reducing valves that allow vapour into the fuel line during operation to reduce the pressure inside the tank to the set valve pressure. They are used in cryogenic lines and liquid cylinders, converter applications and vapourisers.

Product description

Due to their small size, economisers are great where cost and spatial restraints are important factors in applications. Their functionality is different from a regulator where the outlet pressure is specifically adjusted.

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Body: Brass
Spring: Seamless steel
Bonnet: Brass
Diaphragm: Bronze
Diaphragm liner: PTFE

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Gas types: Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon, NG (Natural Gas), CO2
Connections: Thread
Types: NPT
Pressure range: 0.7 to 24 bar (10 to 350 psi)
Max. inlet pressure: 
Low pressure models: ≤12.1 to 25.3 bar (≤175 to 375 psi)
High pressure models: >12.1 to 37.9 bar (>175 to 550 psi)
Temperature range: -196˚C to +74˚C (-320˚F to +165˚F)
Sizes and range: 1/4"
Series: ECL 502 Series and GEM 
Standards: ECE R110

*Materials and specifications are subject to generalisation. Our experienced people are ready to help you find the correct fit for your application. 

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  • Premium flow characteristics
  • Fast pressure reduction with flow control sensitivity at lower pressures
  • Mesh Monel screens prevent foreign solids from entering the inlet and outlet and causing damage
  • Interchangeable with existing cryogenic economizer units
  • Bi-directional flow for LNG fuel systems
  • Clean for oxygen service per CGA G-4.1
  • 100% performance improvement 

Did you know?

ECL502 series offers outstanding performance for maintaining LNG fuel line pressure

All construction materials are compatible with cryogenic service

These regulators are also suitable for liquid use such as LOX, LN2, LAR, LNG and LC02

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