Pumps for optimised LPG transfers

Pumps make sure that LPG is safely distributed throughout the entire transferring process and allow for underground tanks to have their content pumped above ground for usage. MAKEEN Gas Equipment has a great selection of pumps available like gear, turbine, rotary vane, submersible and side channel pumps. Your application requirements are no challenge for us - not even if you find yourself without electricity, in which case we can provide a handpump.

  • A turbine pump

    Turbine pumps

    For low-flow/high head applications with high differential pressure, such as loading, unloading and filling of LPG, a turbine pump is a great choice. Also known as regenerative turbine pumps.

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  • Yellow submersible pump

    Submersible pumps

    This type of pump can be fully inserted into tanks and push liquid upwards. They are very useful for autogas stations where they can supply LPG to several dispensers with guaranteed flow rates.

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  • Blue side channel pump

    Side channel pumps

    For long-distance transfers of LPG through narrow pipes, side channel pumps are highly suitable. Multi-stage configuration allows for higher differential pressure.

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  • A blue rotary sliding vane pump

    Rotary vane pumps

    Also known as sliding vane pumps, rotary vane pumps are designed to provide a constant flow of liquid for high-pressure LPG or other liquid transfers.

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  • A blue hand pump

    Hand pumps

    If there is no power source nearby, or in case of a power outage, hand pumps are quite, well, handy and cost-efficient tools that allow you to keep up your operation.

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  • A blue gear pump

    Gear pumps

    With 2 meshing gears that rotate against each other, gear pumps deliver LPG in accurate, high-pressure doses at a constant flow rate. Gear pumps for LPG are primarily the external type.

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When it comes to ensuring a stable and continuous flow in liquid gas systems, pumps are the central element.

Regardless of whether it is about transfer, pressure back-up or high pressure, we have a suitable LPG pump solution for you. Our propane pump range covers all types and brands and therefore we are always able to find the very best pump solution complying with your wishes and demands.

As we see a higher demand for zero-emission LPG pump systems and increased safety demands, most of the pumps in our pump range can be offered with double mechanical seals or magnetic coupling.

For any liquid gas system to function at its best, selecting the right type of pump for liquid gasses is essential. At MAKEEN Gas Equipment, we supply a diverse range of pumps for liquid gasses, sourced exclusively from recognised, high-quality manufacturers.

All our pumps can be delivered as bare-shaft pumps or mounted on skids/base plates, including ATEX and EX approved electrical motors and with CE marking.

Whether you're in search of vane pumps, side channel pumps, gear pumps, turbine pumps, or other types, MAKEEN Gas Equipment is your one-stop shop for all your LPG pump requirements.

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