Side channel pumps for LPG

Side Channel Pumps, also known as "liquid film" pumps, are suitable for propane/butane and for transferring liquids across long distances, through narrow pipes. Most commonly used for tank emptying, tank filling, auto gas stations, cylinder filling and vaporizer feeding.

Product description

The side channel pump is designed to efficiently enhance the pumping process, aided by the multi-stage configuration which allows for generation of a higher differential pressure. The pumps come in six sizes with a maximum of nine stages, all having an added suction stage to enable the low NPSH values that make it ideal for pressurized liquids like LPG. The low speed makes the pump less vulnerable to cavitation and makes it more efficient than the comparable centrifugal pump.

Did you know?

The side channel pump is available for different media

MAKEEN Gas Equipment can provide a complete pump skid, fully assembled with motor, coupling, guard and baseplate

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Body: Cast iron, ductile iron, stainless steel
Shaft: 1.4021, 1.4571
Impeller: CuZn40Al2, 1.4050, 1.4581
Bearing bushing: Bronze, carbon

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Gas types: LPG (Propane, Butane)
Connections: Flange
Types: PN40, ANSI 300
Pressure range: Max. 40 bar (580 psi)
Temperature: -40˚C to +220˚C (-76˚F to +428˚F)
Capacity: 0.3 to 220 m3/h
NPSH: 0.1 to 7.7m
Size and range:
Inlet: 40 to 165mm
Outlet: 20 to 100mm
Series available: SRZS, NHE, SEMA, CEGA, UEBA and PC-X>
Standards: CE-ATEX, CE-IECEx, PED, UL/Ulc

*Materials and specifications are subject to generalisation. Our experienced people are ready to help you find the correct fit for your application. 

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  • Suitable for clear and slightly contaminated and particle free fluids
  • Head range upwards 350m
  • RPM from 900 min-1 to 3600 min-1
  • Viscosity from 0.1mPas to 220mPas
  • Perfect for pumping processed fluids with entrained gas (up to 50% (LPG))
  • Low NPSH requirements to prevent cavitation
  • Low flows – high heads
  • Fitting for high suction pressures (40 bar)
  • Self-priming where it guards against corrosion
  • Steep performance curve for precise system control

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