Instrumentation for measuring LPG application conditions

Gauging the tank or pipeline conditions in LPG systems is important to prevent equipment from overheating or rupturing due to overpressure. Devices such as gauges, switches, transmitters, and bypass level indicators all assist in maintaining the desired conditions and instate process safety.

  • Image of temperature transmitter

    Temperature transmitters

    By receiving and converting signals from temperature sensors and transmitting them to a control unit or system, transmitters help keep a fitting temperature in pipes and compressors.

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  • A temperature gauge

    Temperature gauges

    These gauges provide accurate readings of temperature at the given location of installation. Temperature is a useful way to assess the state of liquefied petroleum gas in closed systems.

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  • Rotogage A9091


    Simple liquid level readings of tanks by use of a dip tube and a dial. Rotogages indicate the percentage of liquid in a tank by measuring where vapour exits the vent.

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  • Pressure transmitter

    Pressure transmitters

    Continuously emitting electrical signals to indicate pressure levels in a system, pressure transmitters help adjust flow pressure or enable quick reaction to prevent potential accidents.

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  • Krom Schroder pressure switch

    Pressure switches

    Pressure switches respond to fluctuations in fluid pressure and perform on/off actions on flow according to pre-set switching points. For safety , they are essential components in a gas system.

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  • Pressure gauge

    Pressure gauges

    Designed to measure fluid intensity and identify changes in pressure, these crucial gauges give accurate readings of pressure at the given location of installation.

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  • Float level gauge 6300

    Float level gauges

    A floatable device activates a magnet that moves a dial needle, displaying the liquid gas content level of a domestic tank, ISO container, storage tank, bottle, truck or trailer.

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  • Image of bypass level indicator

    Bypass level indicators

    Using a built-in magnetic system, these simple devices indicate a tank's liquid or vapour content level. They can be used in all industrial situations, enabling easy monitoring of gas levels.

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