Vapourisers for optimal LPG consumption

Vapourisers are great equipment to provide a constant gas supply and ensure that the tank content is optimally utilised with up to 100%. MAKEEN Gas Equipment's selection varies from the most common one, direct-fired vapouriser, to tank heater, waterbath, water or steam heated and even the smaller dry-electric ones.

  • Direct Fired Vapourisers

    Direct fired vapourisers

    The most commonly used type of vapouriser, due to the portability and ability to work without electricity. They function by the use of a burner, powered by LPG.

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  • A ZIMMER Electrical Vapouriser Dry Electric

    Electrical vapourisers (dry-electric)

    These small capacity vapourisers deliver a constant supply of gas vapour with 100% utilisation of the tank's content. They require no water and are impossible to overheat.

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  • SecondSun Tank Heater Vapouriser

    Tank heater vapourisers

    By imitating the natural vapourisation induced by the sun, tank heater vapourisers ensure a steadily available volume of vapour. Ideal for hotels, restaurants, smaller factories and resorts.

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  • Water And Steam Heated Vapouriser

    Water heated or steam vaporizers

    Often installed close to a tank along with hydronic boilers, these vaporizers fill the gap where a direct-fired vaporizers is unfitting and a 3-phase vaporizer is insufficient.

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  • 3D illustration of a Waterbath Vapouriser

    Waterbath vapourisers - electrical

    If the demand for LPG requires a continuous supply, or if the demand occurs at random times in varying volumes, water bath vapourisers are a highly suitable way to ensure safety and stability.

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