Dry-type LPG vaporizers

The dry-electric vaporizers from FAS, type 2000, allow for optimal usage of a propane and/or butane tank’s contents. For high-capacity requirements, we also provide the option of the hot water-heated FAS 3000 vaporizers. 

Product description

The FAS dry LPG vaporizer operates without transfer fluid. An aluminum core, in which the heating and vaporizer coils are cast, serves as the heat carrier.

The heat transfer medium is heated and monitored under thermostat control. After reaching the required evaporation temperature, the solenoid valves open. Liquefied gas enters the vaporizer and is converted into the gas phase without pressure change up to the specified rated output. The energy-efficient design quickly adjusts the required heating output according to the consumption rate.

In case of fluctuations and power failure, the solenoid valves close. An additional safety temperature limiter monitors and prevents an excessively high rise in the gas exit temperature.

When installing this LPG vaporizer outdoors, a protective roof is required (provided by the customer).

Specifications - FAS-2000, PN25

The FAS 2000 vaporizer comes in capacities of 15, 25 and 40 kg/h as a single phase 230V/50Hz version and in 32, 60, 100 and 170 kg/h as a three phase 400V/50Hz version. It is indirectly heated and designed for the use within Ex-zone 2. It is pre-wired and ready for connection.

The FAS-2000, PN25, consists of:

Vaporizer casing

Stainless steel construction with an internal aluminum core, intermediate insulation, protective cover, and wall bracket.

Heating Element

Resistance heater element, casted together with the LPG coil into the aluminum core as a tubular heater.

Safety valve

In the gas phase:

  • Set pressure 25 bar
  • Without condensate drilling
  • Component-tested

Temperature control

Fully automatic, thermostat-controlled within the specified limits.

Flood protection/low-temperature safeguard

Consists of two redundant thermostat-controlled solenoid valves.

Overheat protection

With safety shutdown.

Electrical equipment

According to DIN EN 60079-15/VDE 0170-16, Ex-Zone 2, Type of protection: Ex II 3G Ex nR IIB T4 Gc

Photo of a FAS Vaporizer model 3000 water-heated

FAS-3000: For high capacities

Especially in case of increased capacities, the operation costs may be reduced significantly with the use of hot water-heated vaporizers working with plate heat exchangers.

These compact vaporizer units include all required components such as shut off valves, control valves, solenoid valves, safety equipment, thermometers, liquid level sensors, pressure regulators. The vaporizer units are completely mounted in a cabinet or in a container including piping. They are suitable for use in hazardous areas, zone 1.

FAS 3000 features:

• Plate heat exchanger technology
• Capacity up to 20000 kg/h (5250 gal/hr)
• Power supply: 120V to 240V / 50Hz - 60Hz
• Certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 SCC (Service)

Did you know?

Without a vaporizer, natural vaporisation makes the tank surface cold and covered in dew, creating the perfect conditions for algae and rust. An LPG vaporizer can help reduce maintenance costs and extend the lifetime of the tank.

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