Pressure regulation for usable LPG levels

LPG is widely used in industrial and domestic aspects and with all demanding different pressures to comply with their applications. To ensure the pressure is adjusted to all the areas of use, MAKEEN Gas Equipment provides first, second and third stage regulators of the highest quality for both segments.

  • A 3Rd stage regulator

    3rd stage regulators

    As the 3rd line of regulation, after 1st and 2nd stage, these low pressure regulators reduce pressure to 37 mbar, which is the ideal pressure for many appliances.

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  • Pressure stage regulator

    2nd stage regulators

    Medium pressure regulators that transform the incoming pressure level to a moderate level both accurately and efficiently - placed downstream from the 1st stage regulators.

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  • A stage regulator

    1st stage regulators

    High pressure regulators to reduce the tank pressure for pipe transfers - perfect for large-scale, demanding operations where high heat outputs are a necessity.

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LPG pressure regulators, categorised into 1st, 2nd, and 3rd stage regulators, are crucial for maintaining the right gas pressure in LPG systems. Depending on the system design, you have different numbers of pressure regulation stages. The 1st stage LPG pressure regulator reduces initial high tank pressures, and the 2nd stage regulator adjusts the pressure to suit the equipment or appliance. In some cases, a 3rd stage regulator can be necessary to further correct the pressure for end-use appliances.

At MAKEEN Gas Equipment, we provide a diverse range of LPG pressure regulators tailored to meet the demands of both industrial, commercial, residential, and domestic LPG systems. Understanding the significance of each stage, our selection features regulators sourced from trusted and top-tier manufacturers.

Choose MAKEEN Gas Equipment for your LPG pressure regulator needs and guarantee the safety and efficiency of your gas installations. With our expertise and commitment to quality, we are the go-to choice for LPG pressure regulators in the industry.