3rd stage regulator for usual operational LPG pressure

3rd stage regulators, also known as low pressure regulators, reduce the inlet pressure provided by the 1st and 2nd stage regulators to a low pressure level usable for large commercial and industrial gas applications, bulk tank systems and domestic appliances.

Product description

Maintaining a low-pressure supply requires more force, which the larger 3rd stage regulator is phenomenal at providing, hence why they are used more frequently. The regulator drops to 37 mbar which is the operational pressure for many appliances. 

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Body: Aluminium

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Gas types: LPG (Propane, Butane)
Connections: Thread, flange
Pressure range: Max. 500 mbar (7.2 psi)
Capacity: Max. 3,500 m3/h
Sizes and range: 3/8" to 2½" (NPT and G), DN40 to DN150 (DIN)
Standards: UL-listed, CE, EAC

*Materials and specifications are subject to generalisation. Our experienced people are ready to help you find the correct fit for your application. 

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  • High flow rate
  • No breather line required
  • Sturdy, precise and sensitive regulation of output
  • Internal impulse
  • Feedforwarding of furnace chamber pressure is possible
  • Spring loaded

Did you know?

Dual sided external pulse connections are available

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