Valves for NH3

Here you will find a selection of some of the valves we can supply, regardless of it being for safety enhancement, throttling, shut-on or off or control of flow.

  • Flanged back check valve

    Back check valves (flanged)

    One-directional valves to close off flow if direction is changed or stopped, thereby making sure that the contents of a container do not escape in case of broken piping or fittings.One-directional valves to close off flow if direction is changed or stopped, thereby making sure that the contents of a container do not escape in case of broken piping or fittings.

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  • Photos of Threaded Back Check Valves

    Back check valves (threaded)

    One-way valves that keep container contents from escaping if piping or fittings accidentally break. Often found in gas installations that require a high, single directional flow.

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  • A ball valve with yellow handle

    Ball valves

    Simple and fast acting valves for on/off operations. A 90-degree turn of the lever fully permits or restricts the flow of gas, allowing the isolation of pipeline sections for maintenance etc.

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  • A blue bypass valve

    Bypass valves

    To prevent pumps and installation components from damage caused by a build-up of overpressure, bypass valves allow the pressure to be equalised and allow easy maintenance.

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  • A yellow differential pressure valve

    Differential pressure valves

    Either mechanically or digitally, a differential pressure control valve can set-stop or shut-off flow depending on the version and application. Usually paired with a meter and vapour eliminator.

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  • A Rego emergency shut off valve

    Emergency shut off valves

    Vital safety devices in gas applications that completely close flow of gas in case of a pull-away, line break, ruptured hose or extreme changes in pressure, flow and temperature.

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  • A blue external relief valve LPG NH3

    External relief valves

    The 'pop-action' of these valves enable them to discharge pressure at full capacity and not gradually if the pressure exceeds the permitted limit, after which it re-closes.

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  • A gold globe and angle valve

    Globe and angle valves

    These useful valves regulate or completely shut off the flow in service pipelines of cylinder filling plants, bobtails, transports, bulk storage containers and more.

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  • An internal valve

    Internal valves

    As a safety measure in gas tanks, these safety devices shut off flow in case of ruptured hoses or accidents. We can help you define the most suitable kit for your application.

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  • Internal relief valve

    Internal pressure relief valves

    Protect your mobile tanks, containers and more from over-pressure accidents with these valves. They come in fully or semi-internal types according to requirements.

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  • Photo of a Needle Valve

    Needle valves

    An ideal way to protect the delicate gauges in pipework from pressure surges and the damage they can cause. They allow you to accurately control flow and pressure of liquid and vapour.

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  • Photo of a Solenoid Valve

    Solenoid valves

    Electromechanical valves that act quickly depending on the digital signal they receive. Solenoid valves help control the flow of gas to appliances and pipework.

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  • Photo of a Vent Valve

    Vent valves

    Bleeds off trapped liquid and helps indicate when a tank is filled to its limit. Oftentimes they are used together with globe and angle valves in gas systems.

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