Gas detection for NH3 applications

Undetected gas leaks can have catastrophic consequences which is why gas detection equipment is crucial to install. Our selection of supplied equipment varies from industrial to domestic devices to sensor and alert in case of a leakage.

  • Ex. proof gas detector

    Gas detectors (ex. proof)

    Invaluable sensors for industrial gas detection systems, usually coupled with both a receiver and an alarm. They prevent harmful or fatal overexposure or ignition of gas.

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  • A domestic gas detector

    Gas detectors (domestic)

    Domestic gas detectors provide an all-in-one solution for homes where gas is used. They are an essential element in the safe use of gas, able to both detect gas and sound an alarm.

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  • Gas control panel

    Gas control panels

    Control panels are receivers that can be programmed for a variety of reactions, such sounding sirens, cutting gas flow or starting sprinklers, in case of a detected leakage.

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