Differential pressure control valves for LPG and NH3 applications

Differential pressure control valves can set-stop or shut off flow depending on the version and application in use. Most commonly these valves work in a system with a meter and a vapour eliminator with its behaviour being controlled by pressure differences or electrical signals. The digital ones are great assets in fuel terminal loading racks to ensure the correct amount of LPG is withdrawn.

Product description

The mechanical version prevents flashing and acts depending on evacuated vapour from the vapour eliminator based on the differential pressure between two points. The digital version uses solenoid valves to control the flow depending on digital inputs from a PLC/meter.

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Body/bonnet: Epoxy coated ductile iron or carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium
Seat ring: Stainless steel, bronze
Stem: Stainless steel, monel
Springs: Stainless steel
Diaphragm: Buna-N, Viton, (nylon reinforced)
Pilot: Stainless steel, bronze
Tube and fittings: Stainless steel, copper, brass
Solenoid (digital type): Stainless steel, brass

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Gas types: LPG (Propane, Butane), NH3 (Ammonia, Anhydrous Ammonia)
Connections: Thread, flange
Pressure range: 51 bar (740 psi)
Flow rate: Up to 6359 m3/h
Temperature range: -40˚C to +82˚C (-40˚F to +179.9˚F)
Sizes and range: 1-1/4" to 3" (NPT), 1-1/4" to 24" (ANSI)
Series: 110 series and 115 series
Standards: CE-PED

*Materials and specifications are subject to generalisation. Our experienced people are ready to help you find the correct fit for your application. 

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  • Internal needle valves assistance
  • Opens on increasing differential, closes on decrease
  • Operates over wide range of flow
  • Adjustable response speed
  • Simple adjustment of differential pressure
  • Easy in-line maintenance
  • Pre-sets possible to requirements


  • Internal dual solenoid valve assistance for enhanced control
  • Easy maintenance
  • Independently adjustable opening and closing speed
  • Can be pre-set to application requirements
  • Needle valves to isolate during maintenance

Did you know?

MAKEEN Gas Equipment can provide differential pressure valves/control valves for many other liquids

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