Road tankers/bobtails for bulk transportation of LPG

Road tankers/bobtails are great for LPG distribution in single or multiple consignments depending on the type of tank. Bobtails are smaller in size making them highly suitable for urban traffic where agility is required.

Product description

Bobtails are commonly used for local multistage distribution of LPG to customers with the tankers transporting bulk loads from terminals or refineries to bottling plants. As bobtails allow for on-site sales they are commonly equipped with monitoring and metering systems.

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Cabinet: Stainless steel, carbon
Piping: Stainless steel
Roof cover: Polished stainless steel

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Gas types: LPG (Propane, Butane)
Working pressure: 19.2 bar (278.4 psi)
Design pressure: 25 bar (362.5 psi) 
Temperature range: -20˚C to +50˚C (-4˚F to +122˚F)
Test: 100% X-ray
Sizes and range: 13 to 70 m3
Standards: ADR, TPED

*Materials and specifications are subject to generalisation. Our experienced people are ready to help you find the correct fit for your application. 

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  • Bobtail or semi-trailer with multiple axle configurations
  • Self cleaning ability with nanotech treatment
  • Abrasion resistant surface
  • Rear or side mounted delivery
  • GPS monitoring optional

Did you know?

MAKEEN Gas Equipment can provide all road tanker/bobtail equipment and upgrade a transportation mobile tank with a pump and metering systems

The chassis can be provided by the customer, or we can provide the complete solution

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