Tanks for safe storage and transportation of LPG

Tanks for storing LPG are stronger than other tanks due to the increased pressure the gas is exposed to, to remain in a liquid state. MAKEEN Gas Equipment provides tanks with the necessary safety components with size and type depending on the customer's needs.

  • White stationary tank with green stripe

    Stationary tanks

    Often used for LPG cylinder filling plants, terminals and autogas stations, stationary LPG tanks are secure storage systems to contain propane and butane at high pressure.

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  • Road tanker bobtail

    Road tankers - bobtails

    Smaller, agile tanks suitable for multistage distribution. Bobtails enable on-site sales and are commonly equipped with monitoring and metering systems.

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  • White ISO tank with red construction

    ISO tanks

    Standardised, stackable and cost-efficient cargo vessels that are highly suitable for ship-to-rail-to-truck bulk transportation. ISO tanks are a safe and flexible way to store and transport liquids.

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