Flow indicators suitable for LPG and NH3 monitoring

Flow indicators are a very important piece of equipment that allow plant operators to visually observe the liquid LPG and NH3 flow conditions to ensure safe operations in the plant or station.

Product description

Flow indicator installations provide different advantages depending on the placement in the application, and the types vary depending on the monitored products. Placing it on the upstream side of the pump, suction conditions become observable which enables speed adjustments for achieving the ultimate flow rate without cavitation. Moreover, if placed at the piping load rack, just before the loading hose, it allows the operator to stay constantly updated on pump conditions.

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Did you know?

With compressors, it can be more useful to install sight flow indicators as they provide a visual indication of when the transport or tank car is emptied so that the operation can be immediately reversed to recover the vapour

Selecting the correct indicator depends on the desired stress endurance and visibility

The sight flow indicators can be provided with dual-sided glass visuals, integral swing check or bi-directional with paddle and a flap

Heavy duty swing check with flow indicators with back-flow protection are specifically designed for pipeline systems and suitable for LPG and NH


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