Accessories for LPG applications

Accessories for LPG applications add additional benefits that are not process crucial but improve the operational experience using flow indicators or optimise the internal process with vapour eliminators and strainers.

  • A look through Flow Indicator

    Flow indicators

    By allowing an operator to visually observe the flow of liquid, a flow indicator helps enhance safety in the plant or station. Depending on the placement, it provides a variety of advantages.

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  • Image of a gas strainer

    Gas strainers

    By trapping dirt particles and debris, these devices protect your LPG equipment, such as pumps, valves, engines and nozzles, and ensure that it keeps running efficiently.

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  • Vapour Eliminator

    Vapour eliminators

    A vapour eliminator improves the accuracy of flow meters by extracting accumulated air. This means no more false readings caused by a build-up of vapour in dispensing systems.

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