Bronze gate valves for LNG and cryogenic liquid handling

Bronze gate valves are simple and fast-acting valves that are designed and commonly used for handling of cryogenic liquids through bulk tanks, trailers, trucks, ASU plants and piping configurations. 

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Product description

Gate valves provide simple open/close functionality perpendicular to the flow direction with a very low flow resistance, thus ensuring a low pressure drop. They are bi-directional valves that require little space in line of a gas installation.

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Body: Bronze ASTM B61 C92200 
Bonnet: Bronze ASTM B16 C36000/ASTM B283 C37700

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Gas types: Liquefied and vaporized atmospheric gases, LNG, Oxygen, Nitrogen, CO2 and Argon
Connections: FNPT, SBT, SBP or with stainless steel pipe nipples brazed in
Pressure range (cold, non-shock):
322 Series: 27.5 bar (400 psi)
326 Series: 41 bar (600 psi)
Temperature range: -196˚C to +65˚C (-325˚F to +150˚F)
Sizes and range: 1/2” to 3” (15mm - 80mm)
Series: 322 and 326 Brass Body Series
Standards: TÜV PED II, MSS SP-80, ASME, PED, BS EN 10204 3.1

*Materials and specifications are subject to generalisation. Our experienced people are ready to help you find the correct fit for your application. 

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  • Top entry enables service from the top while permanently installed in a line
  • Bronze cast body and internals 
  • Cleaned for Oxygen Service per CGA G-4.1.
  • Rugged construction for long life
  • Straight through construction for high CV
  • Designed with unique KOLD-SEAL™ packing
  • Standard split wedge design provides better sealing and cycle life

Did you know?

Ideal for cryogenic supply and storage handling applications

Straight-through flow for highest CV rating in the industry

Also available with GRAFOIL® packing

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