Valves for LNG

Prevention of back flow, throttling and positive shut-off are just some of the functionalities available in the high-quality LNG conformed valve selection. Name the valve and rest assured MAKEEN Gas Equipment can provide it.

  • product image of a angle relief valves

    Angle relief valves

    90° angle relief valves protect cryogenic vessels and pipework from over-pressurisation by having a precisely set relief point at which they discharge excess pressure.

    See our angle relief valves

  • product image of a Cryogenic Valves reg

    Cryogenic valves

    Multi-purpose valves are perfect for all applications as they are available in many functionalities. In-line shut-off, vent, hose drain or liquid fill are some of those functionalities.

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  • product image of a diverter valve

    Diverter valves

    Enables change of relief valve without evacuating the contents of an LNG vessel. They also provide overpressure protection of storage vessels for increased safety.

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  • product image of a female qdv valve

    Female QDV

    Fuel line venter, located on the dispensers at LNG refuelling stations, that interlocks easily with a male counterpart for fast connecting and disconnecting of fuelling lines.

    See our female QDV

  • product image of a gate valve bronze

    Gate valves (bronze)

    Bi-directional valves with simple, fast-acting, open and close functionality. Often used in the handling of cryogenic liquids through bulk tanks, trailers, trucks and more.

    See our bronce gate valves

  • product image of a gate valve ss

    Gate valves (stainless steel)

    Simple open/close is achieved by their fast-acting functionality whilst allowing a dual-flow. frequently used for bulk tanks, trucks, trailers, ASU plants and piping configurations.

    See our stainless steel gate valves

  • product image of a globe valve bronze

    Globe valves (bronze)

    Single-directional valves suitable for isolation or throttling of a product. Globe valves can be acquired in a 'T','Y' and angle shape, to match most spatial limitations of installations.

    See our bronce globe valves

  • product image of a globe valve SS

    Globe valves (stainless steel)

    Single-directional flow valve with high durability. The stainless steel casting provides enhanced durability and allows safe handling of corrosive and hazardous products

    See our stainless steel globe valves

  • product image of a vent valve breakaway coupling

    Vent valve/breakaway couplings

    Weakest-link protection for LNG dispensing systems, designed to ensure fuel dispensing safety by preventing pull-away accidents and eliminating the associated spillage.

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