Valves for multiple use in cryogenic applications

Cryogenic valves are multi-purpose valves with alternative usages conditioned by the application or type of valves. Depending on the type of valve they are suitable for portable cryogenic cylinders, shut-off applications, cryogenic tanks and micro-bulk tanks.

Product description

In-line shut-off, vent, hose drain or liquid fill are some of the functionalities the valves can provide relating to the application and valve series.

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Body: Brass
Bonnet: Brass
Stem: Stainless steel, brass
Spring: Stainless steel
Seat disc: PCTFE
Handwheel: Aluminium
Bonnet gasket: PTFE
Poppet: Brass
Packing: PTFE
Packing: TES - Grafoil

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Gas types: LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas), Oxygen, Nitrogen, CO2, Argon
Connections: Silver soldering, thread, flange
Pressure range: 41 bar (600 psi) 
Temperature range: -196˚C to +74˚C (-320˚F to +165˚F)
Sizes and range (OD tube): 1/4" to 5/8" (6 to 16 mm)
Series: T9450, T9460, ES8450, TES8450, BK9450 and BK9470
Standards: PED, TPED, EN1626

*Materials and specifications are subject to generalisation. Our experienced people are ready to help you find the correct fit for your application. 

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  • Short or extended types
  • Cleaned for Oxygen use per CGA G-4.1
  • 100% factory tested
  • Freeze-up prevention by moisture barred seal
  • Conical seat design
  • Union bonnet
  • Manual torque compression or spring loaded packing
  • Dual-end brazed tube 

Did you know?

The low profile and non-rising stem of the short stemmed valves allow for installation in tight areas

BK 9450-KIT is a bonnet and stem assembly kit to convert ES 8450 series and previous ES 9450 Series to the BK 9450 style

Retrofit kits are used to convert the 9450 and 9460 series short stem shut off valves into extended stem style. The conversion can be done without removing the valve from your system

Extended stem is commonly required for LNG purposes