High pressure valves for cryogenic applications

High pressure valves are designed specifically to endure pressures larger than 500 psi. Cryogenic operations require such durability, and the valves are frequently used in tube storage and transportation, high pressurised manifold and delivery systems, cylinder filling panels and other pipework.

Product description

These valves are ignition resistant during operation with highly pressurised oxygen.

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Body: Brass
Bonnet: Brass
Stem: Brass
Seat retainer: Brass
Stem seal retaining ring: Brass
Washer: Brass
Stem O-ring: Viton
Thrust bearing: PCTFE

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Gas types: Cryogenics, industrial gasses, Nitrogen, CO2, Hydrogen, biogas, bioLPG
Connections: Thread, bottle, swivel
Type: NPT, bottle, swivel
Working pressure range: 386 bar (5600 psi)
Temperature range: -40˚C to +165˚C (-40˚F to +329˚F)
Sizes and range: ½" to 1", several bottle connections 
Series: HP9560A, HP9560CA, HP9561R, HP9561, HP9560B, HP9560CB, HP9561RL, HP9561CRL, HP9561L, HP9561CL, HP9563R, HP9563CR, HP9563L, HP9563CL, HP9560ASE,  HP9560CASE, HP9560BSE, HP9560CBSE, HP9560BSE-B and HP9560CBSE-B Series
Standards: CE-PED

*Materials and specifications are subject to generalisation. Our experienced people are ready to help you find the correct fit for your application. 

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  • Reliable and safe service
  • Long-term performance
  • Large handwheel 
  • Low torque operations for ease of manual use
  • Panel mount bonnet
  • Easy installation
  • Cleaned for use in Oxygen per CGA G-4.1 

Did you know?

If panel mounting is desired, place a 'P' at the end of the part number

For panel mounting, a metal seat option of 1.625” diameter hole is required 

Seats in nylon and different handwheel sizes are available 

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