Stainless steel globe valves for regulating LNG and CRYO flow

These globe valves are designed for cryogenic liquids through bulk vessels, trailers, piping configurations and many other industrial applications. The stainless steel casting provide enhanced durability and allows safe handling of corrosive and hazardous products.

Product description

Globe valves are available in 'Tee', 'Wye' and a 90° angle shapes, making them fit for most applications regardless of spatial limitations. The design configurations differ in pressure drop but provide the same flow regulating and open/close capabilities. The internal change in flow direction restricts their use to one-directional flow operations with some being suitable for isolation or throttling of handled media.

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Body: Stainless steel (ASTM A351 CF8)
Bonnet and tube: Stainless steel (ASTM A351 CF8 / ASTM A479 Type 304)
Seat disc: PCTFE
Seat retainer: Bronze
Packing: Live loaded PTFE packing
Handwheel: Painted aluminum
Bonnet gasket: Reinforced PTFE
Fasteners: ASTM F837 UNS S30400

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Gas types: Cryogenic Liquids, LNG and vapourised atmospheric gases
Connections: Thread, flange, weld
Type: NPT, socket, butt, PN
Pressure range (cold, non-shock): 50 bar (725 psi), Class 300 (PN 50)
Temperature range: -198˚C to +65˚C (-325˚F to +150˚F)
Sizes and range: 1/2" to 1"
Series: SK Stainless Steel Series, 01252, 01262, 01272, 01682 and 01345
Standards: UL-listed, Tüv PED II & TPED, CE, BS EN 10204 3.1

*Materials and specifications are subject to generalisation. Our experienced people are ready to help you find the correct fit for your application. 

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  • Cleaned for Oxygen Service
  • Easy service access to valve internals by bolted bonnet
  • Proven Kold-Seal technology - live loaded PTFE
  • Multiple stem length options

Did you know?

The conical seat design allows exceptional flow, positive shut-off and less chance of debris accumulation in the flow path, all resulting in an overall longer service life

Kold-Seal stem seal technology assures a tight seal preventing cryogen gas loss

Fast and easy maintenance on the packing and seat

There are a full range of repair kits available

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