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We put a lot of emphasis on showing our customers the advantage of using recommended service and repair kits that contain the original spare parts from the manufacturers. The advantage for them is that we can get them the best warranties for their equipment and give them security. We also help out with their spare parts stock, to identify the critical must-have parts. All in all, we do everything we can to give our customers peace of mind regarding the equipment we supply.

Pedro Rocha General Manager, MAKEEN Gas Equipment Portugal

Market Coverage

From the office in Porto, Portugal, MGE PT covers markets on both sides of the Atlantic ocean, from Chile in the West to Kuwait in the East. A large portion of their customers are in South America – particularly in Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, and Bolivia – as well as an increasing number in Africa.

Managing such a large market span from Portugal can of course create some practical concerns, but luckily, the team at MGE PT prides itself on its flexibility and ability to adapt to customers’ time schedules. For example, the team is experienced in navigating around time zone differences of sometimes 6 hours, as is the case with customers in Chile, and are also highly proficient in Spanish.

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