Metering of NH3 consumption

Meters are used for liquid or vapour measurements of NH3 consumption depending on the type of meter such as diaphragm, turbine or rotary displacement ones. Gas is measured by mass-flow whereas liquids are being measured in volumetric flowrate.

  • A turbine meter

    Turbine meters

    Volume sensing meters for measuring gas consumption in the industrial sector. They accurately determine consumption of gas by sensing the velocity of the gas flow.

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  • A diaphragm meter

    Diaphragm meters

    This type of gas meter is highly suitable for monitoring the consumption of gas from domestic gas applications, as well as commercial and light industrial pipework.

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  • A coriolis meter

    Coriolis meters

    With their extreme accuracy, these flexible mass-measuring meters give precise readings regardless of fluid properties or varying and demanding process conditions.

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