Couplings for NH3

Couplings differ greatly in the features and the advantages they provide in NH3 service. We provide couplings with benefits ranging from pull-away and flashing prevention to fast filling and simple connection. 

  • Picture of pull away coupling

    Pull away couplings

    Safety device to prevent pull-away accidents with simple re-assembly. In case of excessive tension pull on the hose, these valves instantly separate and close off the ends.

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  • An ACME tank coupling NH3

    ACME tank couplings

    Male-threaded devices that are installed onto tanks, preventing gasses from escaping unintentionally while ensuring a secure, one-directional flow during filling.

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  • Two pieces from a CME hose coupling

    ACME hose couplings

    Often used in hose-operated NH3 transfers, these couplings provide safe connection and fast filling for bobtail trucks, nurse tank service and more. Left-handed versions also available.

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