Pressure regulation for LNG applications

No matter the type of application, MAKEEN Gas Equipment has a regulator to suit its purpose. The versatile use of LNG requires a variety of regulators for use on cylinders, vapour phase applications or pressure builders to meet rising supply demands. 

  • product image of a pressure builder rg series

    Pressure builders (RG series)

    Designed to build and increase the pressure where cryogenic demands are higher than the natural productive capacity. Designed to fit in close quarters.

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  • image of a low pressure line regulator

    Low pressure line regulators

    The temperature tolerance limits of these regulators restricts them to use with vapours only. They are commonly installed directly after a vaporizer in LNG applications.

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  • product image of a automatic changeover

    Automatic changeovers

    The automatic cylinder changeover is a genius invention for operations and appliances that rely on a continuous flow of gas. The changeover prevents interruptions in supply.

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