Accessories for LNG applications

LNG service is harsh on valves and other internal parts of the applications. Special attention is required for continuous safe operation and MAKEEN Gas Equipment has the repair kits to uphold the standards and avoid costly downtime.

  • Picture of a repair Kit

    Repair kits for quick servicing of LNG equipment

    LNG service is notorious for being tough on valves. Wear is inevitable on the valve components, and they will need replacement to ensure safe and proper performance that live up to service standards. Repair kits will allow quick maintenance and equipment upkeep.

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  • A picture of a blue fill cap

    LNG fuelling receptacle fill cap to guard against contamination

    Fill caps are a necessity to eliminate intrusion of debris and other contaminants entering LNG receptacles. These caps seal rather than cover like ordinary caps and are therefore the optimal choice for all LNG fuelling receptacles.

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